The evolution of technology has created new markets and opened up new spaces and unimaginable opportunities for businesses. To keep up with this constant progress, so chaotic and fast, it is necessary to adapt human resources and structures, and simultaneously provide training and new professional elements.

A true company is born in the moment in which the development of an idea requires contribution by others. It is no longer a single entity; it becomes a team..

This is also what happened to Elio Casagrande back in 1972.
From the relatively simple applied technology for civil heating and air-conditioning systems, he then moved on to interventions (in both civil and industrial areas) which required knowledge in the electromechanical, electronic and information technologies fields.
This thrust towards energy savings and the search for renewable energy sources dictated by a new sense of awareness in civil sectors, inspires the ideas and experience gained in the working world, offering a completely new kind of know-how: consolidated tradition is combined with innovative, avant-garde criteria.br /> Where is the global economy going? What kind of realities does tomorrow hold?
The answer to this question is a stimulant for the intelligence of people who assume heavy responsibility.
This is why changes have simple, understandable and shared motivations on a human level, as well as that of business strategies.

There are also seasons for manufacturing companies!

In this spirit, Vanni Casagrande has taken the reins of a complex company with solid foundations. The 35 years of business behind Casagrande offer much more than a guarantee. Today the company is moving in diverse directions:

In the "civil" department:

In the "industrial" department”:

In the "oenological" department: