In the ever-growing search for quality, a new transport system for grapes takes its place. The Enoway kit, designed by Casagrande, finally ensures harvest transport free of the risks of undesirable premature fermentation. The cart, thus designed, especially suits the needs of operators who harvest mechanically , since this type of grape harvesting produces a substantial amount of must.

Therefore, Enoway also resolves the problems of waiting during delivery, thus protecting the quality of the harvest. The Enoway refrigeration kit adopts a cooling technology that makes use of the energy generated by a common farm tractor by connecting its power takeoff via a universal joint. This prevents costly investments, implementation of generator groups, increases in the volume of the equipment that reduce usable volume, and an overall increase in weight.

The attachment to the power takeoff is made via a connection plate that is suitably shaped based on the type of tractor.
This system allows savings on the usable load and a lightening of the cart, which does not require a generator..

Enoway is a cooling kit that can be applied to various types of carts.