a flash of the latest technology!

Many manufacturing sectors must use high temperature thermal energy for their processes. Modern hydraulic technology has found an ideal conveyor in diathermic oil.
This fluid can reach elevated temperatures and still maintain its liquid state, therefore allowing operations under atmospheric pressure. Thanks to this characteristic, it is possible to create safe systems at lower cost. Casagrande has also gained vast experience in this special sector, and has designed and constructed systems for various types of production. The photo gallery contains examples of a system for pantyhose production.
As can be easily seen, the hydraulic systems are of the traditional type, but do not be fooled! This technology, which moves a fluid at high temperatures, must resolve many problems connected with installation, dilation of materials, holding seals, etc.
The system's holding seals are particularly important since the diathermic oil is regularly maintained at a temperature that is above the "flammable point" and "flash", and any leakage could cause fires depending on the environmental conditions. Since one of the most important requirements remains safety, the precautions taken are 100% reliable: all of their components are thoroughly tested and a scrupulously monitored. The choice of suitable materials, the correct solutions for the fittings, valves, pumps, insulation system, holding seals: all are components of a global project designed especially for guaranteeing a process adhering to maximum safety standards.