sanitary systems, "floor", "wall" and traditional heating systems

"Floor" and "wall" heating systems are having more and more successes with the general public. These types of systems have the advantages of minimizing architectural structures and freeing up walls from radiators, which often obstruct furnishing interior spaces.
Thanks to a now well developed technology, these systems have also added the value of energy savings and excellent heat distribution to their perfect functioning.
The low operating temperature (approximately 23°C) prevents the circulation of dust, which is often a cause for respiratory irritation.
Traditional systems, which are usually more common in older buildings, also have their advantages thanks to technology that has been able to renew itself over time, offering significant improvements which are able to respond to functional and aesthetic demands.
This demand from users has spurred manufacturers to offer products (radiators) which are extremely valid both from a functional as well as aesthetic point of view. In this way, when the heater is strategically positioned in a room it can become a decorative elements.
This is also true for plumbing elements. Manufacturers of these elements have been able to respond in recent years with products that combine the most modern technical criteria with a typically Italian aesthetic and functional character. So the "bathroom", it should be noted, can be "decorated" with functional elements having exquisite design. This is a range of products which is extremely articulated and tends to cover the most diverse tastes: classic, traditional and modern. High-tech bathtubs and showers, taps which are ever more aimed at technology as well as usability, and so forth...