The control systems that Casagrande Impianti Solution offers to its customers make it possible to automate the entire production process, connecting every part of the plant to a control point.

An automation system that represents the ideal solution to ensure maximum efficiency of the systems, thus minimising management costs.

Temperature control, product handling, management of the crushed grapes, storage, bottling, etc., are all actions that can be managed and controlled through this system, with the possibility of configuration according to the specific needs required.

The touch screen control and monitoring station allows you to have the entire production process under control, both locally and remotely, making it possible to quickly and effectively manage it at all times, even through connection to the company network or through a monitoring module that can be connected to PCs, tablets and smartphones. This lets the Customer promptly identify any anomalies, optimising the entire process in this way.

Additionally, Casagrande Impianti Solution, if requested by the Customer, provides an assistance service that remotely guarantees the identification and resolution of any anomalies in a reasonable time.

In addition, the control of production times, the analysis of the plants, the performance and the data on the quality and status of the product, are all data that can be consulted by the system in real time, allowing an improvement in the quality of processing and thus further refining the production processes.

Casagrande Impianti Solution uses control systems compatible with the most common PLCs and automation systems on the market.